Golang Taipei Gathering #29 - Meet Kubernetes-London Co-Organizer Milo

Milos Gajdos - Kubernetes London meetup co-organizer (https://github.com/milosgajdos83)  He hack on random Neural Networks stuff in Go, containers, server ops etc. 

He has two blogs as fllow:

Kubernetes London Meetup (One of the biggest Meetups in London and second largest Kubernets Meetup in the world with almost 2000 members)

He will visit Taiwan during 10/29 ~ 11/05. Let's chat with him over some food. Join us if you would like discuss about Cloud Native, Kubernetes, Machine Learning and Golang  :)

[Please note]: The schedule is still to be confirmed, we will notify you final schedule.

Thanks Linker Networks 

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2017/10/20 12:30(+0800) ~ 2017/10/31 21:30(+0800) End of Sale
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