Golang Taipei Gathering #13

這次活動很榮幸邀請到 Google Go Team 的 Francesc Campoy Flores 到場參與,同時也有兩位台灣知名開發者 c9s 與 Poka 將會分享他們精彩的講題。

We're happy to announce that Francesc Campoy  of Google Go Team will be joining us at Golang Taipei Gathering #13. Also, we'll have two top developers: c9s and Poka sharing their new projects.


Francesc Campoy Flores - TBA

Francesc Campoy Flores joined the Go team in 2012 as Developer Programs Engineer. Since then, he has written some considerable didactic resources and traveled the world attending conferences and organizing live courses.

He joined Google in 2011 as a backend software engineer working mostly in C++ and Python, but it was with Go that he rediscovered how fun programming can be. He loves languages; fluent in four of them, he’s now tackling a fifth one.

Yo-An Lin (c9s) - Writing SASS compiler in Go

With high activity on Github, Lin has 200+ open source projects on GitHub, programming language includes PHP, Go, Perl, JavaScript and VimL. he is the top 3 active user on GitHub by contributions.

patterns, parser, lexer, package, generics ... etc

Peng Chan (Poka) - API prototyping

API prototyping for Web and mobile platform by using Golang.

感謝五倍紅寶石熱情贊助活動場地,別忘了入場時在櫃臺投入 50 元的清潔費用唷。

This event space is sponsored by 5xruby. Many thanks for their contribution to open source communities.

五倍紅寶石台北出礦坑 / 103台北市大同區長安西路150號


チケット種別 販売期間 価格

2015/06/15 12:00(+0800) ~ 2015/06/23 22:00(+0800) 販売終了
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