Golang Taipei Gathering #17

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這次 GTG #17 由四位講者帶來分享:
We'll have 4 speakers for GTG #17:

Umbo CV- David:  Use gRPC and Protobuf to build microservices

分享如何使用 Google protocol buffer 與 gRPC 建置 microservice,同時利用 gRPC REST gateway 讓一般 REST client 也可以呼叫 gRPC service。

David will share how to use Google protocol buffer and gRPC to build a micro service.  He will also introduce gRPC REST gateway to make REST clients could also invoke this gRPC service.

閃電秀 (Lightning Talk) 已經報名場次

  • Rachael Pai - "Go on Android 試作"
  • Kevingo Tsai -  "Build smaller golang docker app"
  • Siyuan Wang - "博弈遊戲業 Go 開發實例分享"

Linker Networks - Evan Lin: "Go + GoQuery + gomobile  實作 iPhone 來下載批踢踢內容" (備用/預定)

這場演講中 Evan Lin 會簡單的介紹 gomobile 與 GoQuery 去解析批踢踢的資料,並且透過 GoRoutine 來在 iOS上面進行多重下載的工作.

Evan Lin will introduce how to use GoQuery and gomobile to parse PTT and multiple download file by goroutine in iOS App.

Lightning Talk and Discussion Session:  

開放報名,每一個段落大概是 5 ~ 10 mins .如果你搶不到票,請跟 Go 程式語言 社群申請來分享閃電秀.就可以馬上拿到一張票.


  • 徵才(Golang 相關)
  • 介紹自己開發的 Golang 套件
  • 分享 Golang 相關的議題

We also open a session for Lightning Talk. Each session length is 5 ~ 10 minutes.  If you could not register yor ticket, how about join our lightning talk and get your ticket.

The lightning talk content could be one of following:

  • Golang Job Recruitment
  • Introduction your own open source Golang  package

感謝 Cardinal Blue 提供場地

點此加入 Golang Taiwan Slack 討論群組 

Cardinal Blue / 106台北市大安區光復南路102號7樓

Event Tickets

Ticket Type Sale Period Price
一般票 2016/10/04 12:00(+0800) ~ 2016/10/26 19:30(+0800) End of Sale
  • Free
Lightning Talk 票 2016/10/02 00:00(+0800) ~ 2016/10/26 19:30(+0800) End of Sale
  • Free
待用講者票 2016/10/02 10:00(+0800) ~ 2016/10/26 19:30(+0800) End of Sale
  • Free
Event has ended
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