Golang Taipei Gathering #20

這次 GTG #20 由 3 位講者帶來分享:
We'll have 3 speakers for GTG #20:

19:30 ~ 20:10 :   Astra IOT - Tommy: Design the high-concurrency and multi-channel worker using AWS-SQS in Golang


Tommy will share how to take advantage of AWS-SQS features to implement a high-concurrency and multi-channel worker by golang,
then design the infrastructure for cooperation development ,  reducing the coupling between the system layer and the application layer

20:20 ~ 20:50:   Umbo CV - Kakashi: etcd: a brief introduction  

etcd 是 CoreOS 公司用  golang 開發的一個 distributed key-value system,分享如何使用 etcd 還有 etcd 適用於什麼樣的場景。

etcd: a brief introduction. etcd is a golang based distributed key-value system which implement by CoreOS.
Kakashi will introduce how to use etcd and where we could use etcd.


21:00 ~ 21:40:  Bitmark- Bitmark: the property system for the digital environment

This talk will explain why data property rights are needed. And explain, in-depth the technical details of the Bitmark system. For example: Bitmark’s blockchain is an independent chain, optimized for storing property titles, or bitmarks, and does not have its own internal currency (transaction fees are in bitcoin). The peer-to-peer network is written in Golang and uses the ZeroMQ distributed messaging library. Consensus is secured using argon2 hashing (proof-of-work). Chain of ownership is immutable and digitally signed; long-term, post-quantum signatures (SPHINCS-256) are supported. Digital properties are transferred using the BitTorrent protocol such that only owners can seed and download. 

About Bitmark:

Bitmark creates specialized blockchain technology to convert personal data into property that can be sold, licensed or transferred peer-to-peer. Personal data will be a massive asset class in the emerging data economy. Our property system for the digital environment enables individuals to establish ownership claims for personal data akin to how land registrars track land titles or patent offices track patents.


Speaker Bios:

Sean Moss-Pultz, CEO, is an expert in developing technology for consumer electronics and Internet services, especially blockchain related projects. Prior to Bitmark Inc., he was a senior executive for EMQ Limited, a financial technology startup. Recognized as a pioneer of open-source hardware, Moss-Pultz launched and was CEO of Openmoko Inc., the first open-source phone and a precursor to iPhone and Android smartphones. He has led his dedicated team of specialists across a number of successful projects who have now joined him at Bitmark Inc. Moss-Pultz holds bachelor’s degrees in mathematics and physics from UC San Diego.


Christopher Hall, Head of Engineering, is an embedded software programmer accomplished in many of the dominant programming languages of the last 35 years. As one of the foremost experts in Open Source OS and blockchain technology, he’s built Bitmark’s open-source blockchain as well as designing microcontroller firmware and a range of embedded devices. Prior to Bitmark Inc., he worked with Sean Moss-Pultz to lead development of Openmoko and Intelligencia.

閃電秀 (Lightning Talk) 已經報名場次

  • 雷鬼遊戲 (TBC)

Linker Networks - Evan Lin: "Go + GoQuery + gomobile  實作 iPhone 來下載批踢踢內容" (備用/預定)

這場演講中 Evan Lin 會簡單的介紹 gomobile 與 GoQuery 去解析批踢踢的資料,並且透過 GoRoutine 來在 iOS上面進行多重下載的工作.

Evan Lin will introduce how to use GoQuery and gomobile to parse PTT and multiple download file by goroutine in iOS App.

Lightning Talk and Discussion Session:  

開放報名,每一個段落大概是 5 ~ 10 mins .如果你搶不到票,請跟 Go 程式語言 社群申請來分享閃電秀.就可以馬上拿到一張票.


  • 徵才(Golang 相關)
  • 介紹自己開發的 Golang 套件
  • 分享 Golang 相關的議題

We also open a session for Lightning Talk. Each session length is 5 ~ 10 minutes.  If you could not register yor ticket, how about join our lightning talk and get your ticket.

The lightning talk content could be one of following:

  • Golang Job Recruitment
  • Introduction your own open source Golang  package

感謝 Dcard 提供場地

點此加入 Golang Taiwan Slack 討論群組 

DCard / 台北市大安區光復南路102號11樓

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2017/01/03 12:00(+0800) ~ 2017/01/24 19:30(+0800) End of Sale
  • Free
Lightning Talk 票

2017/01/03 00:00(+0800) ~ 2017/01/24 19:30(+0800) End of Sale
  • Free

2016/12/12 00:00(+0800) ~ 2017/01/24 19:30(+0800) End of Sale
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